Chusei (USA) Acid Area

Project: New Acid Storage and Truck Load/Unload Area

Owner: Phyto-Source USA
Chusei USA, Inc.

System: PolySpec 351 and 353

Area: 2,240 SF

Completed: November 2002


Chusei, USA a Division of Phyto-Source USA, Inc. had constructed a new acid storage tank, containment area and truck load/Unload area.

Mobile Enterprises was selected to be the Lining/Coating contractor. Phase 1 was the abrasive blasting of the interior of the storage tank and installation of PolySpec Tank Lining Nova Rez 353.

After construction proceeded, Mobile’s crews returned and installed and PolySpec NovoRez 351 to line the secondary containment area and to protect the new truck load/unload area.