Coastal Oil Spill Simulation Facility

Project: Coastal Oil Spill Simulation Facility Corpus Christi, Texas

Owner: Texas General Land Office Corpus Christi, Texas

System: EnviroLastic®

Area: 26,658 Sq. Ft.

Completed: March, 1997

The Coastal Oil Spill Simulation Facility consists of nine (9) concrete tanks 110’ long, 7’ wide and 8’6” deep. Upon completion of concrete placement, shrinkage cracks occurred in the walls on approximately 5’ centers which would allow seepage to contaminate experiments. The original, specified coating, a rigid epoxy, could not bridge the fine, hairline cracks or provide the necessary flexibility to withstand any structural movement.

After extensive research and evaluation of several elastomeric coating systems available, Enviro-Lastic® was selected as the best solution to the problems. A 60 mil coating of EnviroLastic® was installed over the interior of all tanks to provide the watertight envelope required.

Each tank will be filled approximately one-half with “beach materials”, sloped from one end, to represent a Texas beach. Wave Makers installed in the end of the tanks simulate wave action, and with the addition of different hydrocarbons, etc., researchers can determine the effects of spills and wave actions on Texas beaches and provide insight on how to best handle marine spills.

The facility is owned by the Texas General Land Office and will be operated by Texas A & M University.