Conoco Ponca City Catalyst Tank Lining

Project: Catalyst Tank Lining

Owner: Conoco

Ponca City, Oklahoma

System: DCC VE-40

Completed: May, 2001

Research chemists at the Conoco Refinery in Ponca City, Oklahoma designed a new process for removing lead from jet fuel. This new process would create a low ph in one of their reactor vessels as part of the process. The fifteen year old vessel would require a new liner to handle the new process and the liner would have to be installed during a shutdown.

Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was chosen to install the KCC VE-40 lining system. The system involved sandblasting the tank to white metal, applying a 3 mil vinylester primer and spray applying two 20 mil coats of VE-40. Once the tank was taken out of operation and the lead residue removed by plant personnel, Mobile was scheduled to begin the coating process. Prior to sandblasting, it was discovered that the interior surface of the tank was very badly pitted and would need additional repairs prior to coating the interior. Mobile advised Conoco that the surface would need to be skim coated with a vinylester gel and one layer of fiberglass mat be installed prior to spraying the 40 mil flake system. Mobile brought in additional personnel and secured the extra materials from KCC in order to keep the shutdown on schedule. Conoco engineers were very pleased at Mobile’s ability to switch gears and keep the project on schedule.