Dallas Convention Center

Project: Dallas Convention Center

Owner: City of Dallas, TX

Architect: HKS, Inc.

Contractor: Manhattan Construction

System: Sika MonoTop 611
SikaRepair SHB

Area: 125 C.F.

Completed: November, 2001

A major expansion of the Dallas Convention Center was underway in the summer of 2001. The western portion of the expansion would span over the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) tracks. Large beams on each side of tracks were designed to carry precast bridge girders that would support the floor over the tracks. After stripping the forms from several of these beams, large voids were discovered, 6“ deep in some locations. Inadequate clearance between the bottoms bars had prevented the concrete mix from reaching the bottom of the form.

The Engineer determined that the beams could be repaired, and Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was called upon to make the repairs. Working in a tight and confined site, with an operating rail line adjacent to the repair area, a “form-and-pump” system was devised to ensure that the repair mortar would completely fill the voids. Small aggregate (1/4”) was added to the repair mortar to help dissipate the heat of hydration.

The beams were successfully repaired, and the precast girders were set in place in December, 2001.