Dallas Methodist Hospital


After pulling the post-tension cables in an overhead beam on the second level of a new concrete Garage structure at the Dallas Methodist Hospital, a 9-foot section of the beam delaminated causing the concrete to spall.

Following the repair procedures prescribed by Wiss, Janney, Elstner and Associates, Mobile Enterprises loaded the top of the beam with a 10,000-pound load, removed the delaminated material to a saw cut edge on all sides, formed the repair, pre-placed aggregate in the form, and pumped 25-bags of EMACO S77-CI into the form until material flowed out of the relief holes. The 10,000 lb. load and repair forms were removed after 48 hours and the repair was wet cured for an additional 5 days.

Project: Dallas Methodist Hospital Garage

GC: Hunt Construction Group

System: Preplaced Aggregate Repair with
Emaco S77-CI Repair Mortar

Area: 9-Foot Section of Overhead Beam

Completed: October 2007