Drum Storage Area

The drum storage area at the Port Arthur Chemical Waste plant required an impervious containment liner in
case of a spill. Chem Waste looked at several systems and decided on EnviroLastic® because of its ability to
bridge present and future cracks, as well as stand up to heavy loads and abrasion. EnviroLastic® covered the entire floor area and was turned up onto the curbs in order to form a cove base. EnviroLastic® was also used in the trenches and sumps. Aggregate was added to achieve a slip resistant texture. The project was completed in half the time of other systems and was able to be occupied immediately.


Owner: AETS / Chemical Waste Management
Port Arthur, Texas

Installer: Mobile Enterprises, Inc.
Fort Worth, Texas

System: EnviroLastic®

Area: 6,500 Sq. Ft.

Completed: October, 1995