Encycle Tank Lining

The fiberglass lining in Tank #2 was debonding from the floor of the tank and coming up in large segments. Comparing the costs of either replacing the failed lining with fiberglass or EnviroLastic®, the owner chose EnviroLastic® because of the rapid turn around time and an approximate 30% to 40% savings in cost.

The failed fiberglass was removed from the bottom of the tank and from 6” up the wall. One-hundred lineal feet of cracks were repaired and an 80 mil EnviroLastic® lining was spray applied. The tank was returned to service in February, 1997.

The Owner reports complete satisfaction with the installation.

Project: Encycle Tank Lining
Corpus Christi, Texas

Owner: Encycle / Texas, Inc.

System: EnviroLastic®

Area: 3,470 Sq. Ft.

Completed: February, 1997