Florida Power and Light – Windmill Farm

Spread across the west Texas landscape, each 230 foot tall wind turbine tower is anchored by a 15-foot diameter, 3” thick steel ring-shaped base plate. Voids were discovered in the grout bed of 63 towers.

Working in conjunction with Wiss Janney Elstner Engineers, Mobile Enterprises helped to establish repair procedures to fill the voids in the grout bed. When WJE’s impact echo testing revealed potential voids, material placement holes and vent holes were drilled into the grout bed. A boroscope was used to peer inside to verify the existence of the voids. Masterflow 816 Cable Grout was mixed to a fluid consistency, and pumped into the voided areas.

Subsequent testing was performed, to reassure the Owner that all grout voids had been filled. The Owner was extremely pleased that the grout consolidation process was successful.

Project: Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center, Phase III

Location: Nolan County, TX

Owner: Florida Power & Light

GC: D. H. Blattner & Sons

Material: Degussa Masterflow 816 Cable Grout

Number of Towers: 63

Completed: June, 2006