Freescale Semiconductor


Project: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Location: Austin, Texas
System: Saureisen Novolac Epoxy Concrete and Carbon-Filled Novolac Epoxy Topcoat
Area: 950 SF Sulphuric Acid Trench

Completed: October 2015


Freescale Semiconductor selected Mobile Enterprises to remove deteriorated concrete that had been damaged from exposure to sulphuric acid in a trench and install Sauereisen’s Novolac epoxy concrete and carbon-filled Novolac epoxy topcoat.

Mobile first neutralized the residual acid in the concrete and then resurfaced the trench with a Novolac epoxy concrete before finishing the application with a Novolac epoxy topcoat.

The concrete trench is now protected against the deleterious effects of sulphuric acid exposure.