Freightliner of San Antonio

The owners of Freightliner of San Antonio decided to recoat the floors in their repair facility as part of a facility up-grade project. Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was the contractor chosen to perform the installation.

The installation was to be performed in two phases. The original coating had to be completely removed by shotblasting. A water-based epoxy primer was installed, followed by a self leveling bodycoat. This coat was sanded smooth and then a finish coat of chemical resistant urethane was applied. In order to minimize downtime to the company, the work was performed over two 3-day weekends.

Project: Service Bay Floor Coating

Owner: Freightliner of
San Antonio

System: Florock Chemical
Resistant Urethane

Area: 18,000 Square Feet

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Completed: October 2002