GE Osmonics Etcher Facility Pit Lining


The Etcher Facility for GE Osmonics in Bryan, Texas is one of three such facilities in the US. The existing lining in the Etcher Pit has deteriorated and chemicals used had deteriorated the floor of the pit. Due to such limited facilities throughout the US, time was a critical factor.

Working closely with facility management, three large 5’ Diameter by 4’ Deep vats were removed from the pit, the floor, walls and sump were wet abrasive blasted, deteriorated floor surfaces repaired, PolySpec 300EX primer installed and two (2) sixteen (16) mil coast of PolySpec NovoRez 351 were placed and the vats reinstalled and piped.

The entire project was completed in only five days and the facility was back “on line” on schedule.

Project: Etcher Facility Pit Lining

Owner: GE Osmonics, Inc.

System: PolySpec NovoRez 351

Area: 700 Square Feet

Completed: September 2003