ISP 6D Process Area Floor & Mezzanine


Built in 1940, the four process areas, 6 A, B, C & D floor and mezzanine areas had never been protected or repaired properly. When ISP Elastomers, the new owner took over, one of the first goals was to repair the floor and improve safety.

Working under extremely adverse working conditions (boiling water leaks, steam pipe breaks, careless fork lift operators, etc..) Mobile crews repaired the floor, curbs, pads and pedestals with over 500 bags of Sikaquick 1000 repair mortar, having removed as much as 6” of unsound concrete in some areas. A trowel down system of Epocem 81 was applied, followed by two coats of Sika CRV 10 Chemical resistant vinyl ester.

The area remained in full operation throughout the job which was completed in May of 2006.

Project: 6D Process Area Floor & Mezzanine

Owner: ISP Elastomers
Port Neches, Texas

System: Sikafloor Sikacem 81, WDE Primer and CRV 10

Area: 2,650 Square Feet

Completed: May 2006