Lower Neches Valley Coatings/Linings Test

Project: Coatings / Linings Test
2nd B I Lift

Owner: Lower Neches Valley River Authority

System: Tnemec Corporation

Area: 3,124 Square Feet

Completed: March, 2002

The Lower Neches Valley Authority (LNVA) provides water to several cities, industrial plants, and to area farmers and ranchers through a series of canals and lift stations throughout Southeast Texas. The LNVA, prior to starting a major coating / lining program, decided to test certain coatings and lining types for a year prior to arriving at a final decision.

Mobile crews blasted to white metal 3,124 square feet of new and old steel pipe. We then installed polyurea, coal tar epoxy, and high build epoxy systems coated with a polyurethane topcoat on four (4) new pipe sections, on two (2) previously coated sections and on a new catwalk section. Work was completed in mid-March, 2002. The 2nd B I Lift is now supplying 10,000,000 gallons of water daily to municipal, industrial and rural customers.