Mobil Tanks 425 & 426

Project: Lining Tanks T-425 / T-426

Owner: Mobil Chemical Company
BC Specialties Plant

System: Ceilcote Coroline 505

Area: 4,480 Sq. Ft.

Completed: September, 1998

Mobil Chemical Company engaged Mobile Enterprises, Inc. to install a lining system in Tank T-425. Mobile Enterprises crews abrasive blasted the interior of the tank to white metal (SSPC 5), ground down all sharp edges, welds, etc. and applied Primer 680. This was followed by an 80 mil base coat of Coroline 505 Chemical Resistant Resin into which a 10 ounce fiberglass mat was embedded. After the mat was installed, crews installed and 80 mil top coat of Coroline 505 Resin, smoothed out with smoothing liquid T-420. Inserts were fabricated of Coroline 505 resin and were installed in all nozzles of the tank.

While working on Tank T-425, Mobil Chemical decided to line Tank T-426 which was adjacent to T-425. This contract was awarded to Mobile Enterprises, Inc. also. The same procedures were followed to line T-426 providing Mobil Chemical Company – Specialties Plant with a chemical resistant, long wearing lining system.

Each tank measured 15’0″ in diameter by 40’0″ tall with one 24″ man way for access.