Samsung A2 UPW Tank Lining

Samsung of Austin needed a chemical resistant lining system for their concrete tanks at the new A2 Fab to store DI water. They had experienced a massive failure in the DI water tanks at the A1 Fab and wanted to make sure they selected the right system and the right contractor for the New DI Water Storage Tanks for the A2 Fab.

Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was selected to install the Ceilcote Flakeline 232 MR system. The tanks were 22 feet deep and rectangular in shape. The floor, walls, and ceiling were lined with the Flakeline 232 MR system. Dehumidification equipment was used to insure optimal environment conditions during the application. The project was completed on time and on budget.

Project: A2 UPW Tank Lining

Owner: Samsung
Austin, Texas

System: Ceilcote Flakeline 232 MR

Area: 20,000 SF

Completed: April 2007