Sealy Hutchins Building


Built in the late 1800’s, the Sealy-Hutchins building is an example of the architecture of the period, a brick structure faced with russet or terra cotta colored sandstone panels.

The brick arch supporting the overhead of the door had fallen , cracking the sandstone soffit, molding and facade panels. Mobile Enterprises was engaged by the owner to repair the door header / arch.

Part of the work involved removal of four (4) four hundred (400) pound facade stones, drilling and pinning members, and installing a 1” thick steel angle. Then Mobile crews replaced all the facade stones removed and patched all work areas to match the original color and texture of the 1800’s materials. The photos show the exact match and no evidence of repair work.

Project: Sealy – Hutchins Building Doorway Support Arch

Owner: MBP Corporation
Galveston, Texas

Area: Arch over doorway

Completed: March, 2001