Texas A&M Presidential Conference Center

When the new construction crew installed the lettering over the new entrance door of the George Bush Presidential Library Conference Center, they used percussion, rotary hammer drills to drill small anchor holes for the letters.

This, of course, spalled the limestone which left “pockets” in the limestone at the anchors which would lead to rusting and eventually more damage.

Based on past experience with Mobile Enterprises work on other buildings of significance on campus, Texas A & M engaged Mobile Enterprises to repair the damage.

The letters were removed, lubricated dowels placed in the anchor holes, the spalls repaired with a custom blend mortar, the dowels removed and the letters replaced showing no signs of repair work.

Project: Repair Spalling Limestone Panels

Owner: Texas A & M University

System: Edison Custom 45

Area: Thirty (30) Spalls

Completed: August 2004