Tremont House Spalling Repair

Built in 1879, The Tremont House has been tastefully restored and is now one of the city of Galveston’s finest “downtown” hotel.
As with most 100 year old plus buildings, corrosion of reinforcing steel continues just as in structures built today.

In this case, corroded steel, top photo, expanded and caused spalling of the concrete and plaster cover.

Mobile crews removed unsound concrete, installed epoxy bonded stainless steel dowel pins, filled voids and restored the arch to better than new condition.

Painting was not in Mobile’s Scope of Work as owner’s maintenance crews had already started the repainting process.

Project: Spalling Repair

Owner: The Mitchell Family

System: Master Builders
Sika AnchorFix 3

Area: One Archway

Completed: August 2004