LA SPCA Phase 2



Gibbs Construction selected Mobile Enterprises to install the 3/16” Dex-O-Tex Cheminert K flooring system with Posi-Tred CR topcoat in fifty-two (52) rooms scheduled to receive epoxy flooring with an 18” integral cove base and 4-feet up the CMU walls in the Real Life rooms of the new Louisiana SPCA in New Orleans.

After MEI conducted anhydrous calcium chloride tests, it was determined that the moisture vapor emission rate of the new concrete topping slab exceeded the 3 lb/1000 SF maximum allowed by the manufacturer. To reduce the moisture emission rate, MEI installed Dex-O-Tex’s Vapor Control Primer 100, which can withstand up to 15 lbs/1000 SF.



Project: LA SPCA Phase 2

GC: Gibbs Construction, LLC

System: Dex-O-Tex Cheminert K with Posi-Tred CR topcoat and Vapor Control Primer 100

Area: 9860 SF

Completed:  February 2015