Love Field Grease Containment Pit




Hensel Phelps working under the Love

Field Modernization Program selected

Mobile Enterprises to install a flexible

secondary containment coating that would

hold up in a waste grease pit. Mobile chose

to install 2-coats of PolySpec’s FEC-2233

flexible epoxy coating with their 100EX


In addition, part of the slab was existing

and had been contaminated with grease.

MEI degreased the existing concrete and

then ran an open-flame propane torch over

the slab to extract and incinerate oil

residue. Afterwards, the concrete was

primed, the joints were caulked, and 2-

coats of PolySpec’s FEC-2233 flexible

epoxy coating were installed.



Project: Love Field Grease Containment Pit

GC: Hensel Phelps Construction Group

System: Polyspec FEC-2233 Epoxy

Area: 135 SF

Completed: March 2015