Monsanto 650 Containment


The Monsanto Company required a protective lining system for several containment areas. Requirements for the lining system included chemical resistance, flexibility, seamless installation, and, because of production demands, rapid cure.

After viewing the EnviroLastic video during an on-site presentation, the Monsanto Engineers selected EnviroLastic as the lining material to use.

Mobile Enterprises’ crews prepared the concrete surface and repaired eroded concrete in sumps, on the area slab, and on pads and pedestals. Mobile then installed 80 mils of EnviroLastic AR 200 HD, providing a quick, on-time turnaround for the containment area.

Project: Monsanto Containment Area

Owner: Monsanto Company
Luling, LA

System: EnviroLastic® AR 200 HD

Area: 850 Sq. Ft.

Completed: April, 1998