New Food Processing Room Floor Repair


Patterson Foods selected Mobile Enterprises, Inc. to install BASF’s Degacoat RC roll-on MMA floor coating in their new Food Processing Area. Patterson Foods chose the MMA flooring system over conventional epoxy or cementitious urethane flooring systems because the MMA could be installed at the room’s service temperature of 35-degrees F. Processing meat with a high fat content made the existing floor slab in this area slippery when wet. Mobile added a blend of aluminum oxide and quartz aggregate to the MMA base coat (see 2nd picture above) to provide a very aggressive non-slip finish, as requested by Patterson Foods. The flooring system consisted of an MMA primer, a pigmented MMA base coat, broadcast aggregates to rejection, and a pigmented MMA top coat. The entire area was completed over a 2-day weekend and back in service in about one hour.

Project: New Food Processing Room Floor Repair

Owner: Patterson Foods

System: BASF Degacoat RC Roll-On Methyl-Methacrylate Coating

Area: 2,350 SF

Completed: December 2009