Oak Creek Homes

Project: Oak Creek Manufactured Homes

Owner: Oak Creek Homes
Ft. Worth, Texas

System: Iron-Filled Overlay

Area: 7,000 Sq. Ft.

Completed: December, 1996

Oak Creek is a manufacturer of double-wide mobile homes. The concrete problem that they were having was ruts in the concrete formed by steel casters, which hold the mobile homes during the assembly process, abrading the existing concrete.

At the beginning of the assembly line the homes are lighter, but as they are assembled the weight abrades the concrete which resulted in ruts from 2″ – 3″ deep. This would cause the dollies to veer off course or get stuck in the ruts, stopping production. In the past, this concrete sometimes would need to be replaced annually at great expense. An even greater expense was the downtime required the perform the repairs.

Mobile Enterprises has solved the problem by installing a 1″ overlay of special epoxy and iron aggregate. This tough material has shown zero wear and the dollies are running smoothly without interruption to production. The owners are very pleased with the results and plan on using the same solution at their other plants.