Parc Condominiums


The owner of the Parc Condominiums was enlarging his personal condo into a two story unit. This required cutting out a section of the ceiling and the next floor above to accommodate the new stairwell.

Prior to making the cut, Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was contracted to reinforce two (2) twenty three feet (23’ 0”) beams. In order to obtain clearance for the stair unit, Mobile crews had to chip 3 inches off the side of one beam.   After the chipping, the beam was made smooth.  One ply of Sika Hex 103 C carbon fiber reinforcing was then applied to the two beams to provide structural support for the new stairway.

Work was completed on time and within budget.

Project: Carbon Fiber Beam Reinforcement

Owner: Parc IV Condominiums

System: Sika Hex 103 C

Area: 115 Square Feet

Completed: March 2006