Peterbilt Motor Company


The first floor structure of Peterbilt’s corporate offices consists of precast double tees supported by cast-in-place concrete beams. Damp conditions in the crawl space and a lack of sufficient coverage over reinforcing steel had caused portions of the double tees to develop significant cracks and spalls, endangering their structural integrity.

Isbell Engineering designed repairs involving epoxy injection of cracks, spall repair, and composite strengthening using Sika Corporation’s “Carbo-Dur” Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Laminate System and “SikaWrap Hex 103C” Carbon Fiber Fabric System.

Some shoring was required due to the severity of the deterioration.  All demolition activities had to be completed at night to minimize disruption of the Owner’s operation.  Cracks were epoxy injected.  Spalls were repaired using Sika Corporation’s “SikaRepair SHB” Repair Mortar.  After proper surface preparation, the composite strengthening materials were applied, restoring the load-carrying capacity of the double tees.


Project: Repair Floor Structure

Corporate Offices

Owner: Peterbilt Motor Company
Denton, Texas

System: Sika Corporation
Carbo-Dur and SikaWrap

Area: 7 Double Tees

Completed: March, 2001