Rowlett Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant


Pemco International selected Mobile Enterprises to pressure-inject a hydrophobic expandable urethane grout in 1,207 LF of cracks in the exterior clarifier tank wall to stop the leaking.

Pemco sandblasted the surface of the basin walls to expose the cracks, which were verified by the inspecting engineer.
Mobile drilled 5/8” diameter holes along the side of the cracks at a 45-degree angle so as to intersect the crack midway through the wall section. Injection packers were then installed in the holes and tightened. Spacing of the injection ports depends on crack width, but normally varies from 6” to 18”. Injection of the grout begins at the lowest packer on a vertical crack or at the first packer flushed with water for a horizontal crack. Grout is injected until it appears at the adjacent packer hole.

Following the crack injection work by Mobile, the exterior tank surfaces were coated with a cementitious coating by Pemco for a decorative finish.

Project: Rowlett Creek WWTP

Owner: North Texas Municipal Water District

System: SikaFix HH Expandable Urethane Grout

Area: 1,207 LF of Exterior Wall Cracks

Completed: August 2009