Sage Energy Corporation

Sage Energy Corporation was moving into a new headquarters location and was installing a new high density filing system on the 13th floor of their building. Such a system increases the dead load on a structure considerably and, after engineering analysis, the area in which the new filing system was to be installed had to be structurally reinforced to carry the additional loading.

Sika Corporation’s “Carbodur” System of carbon fiber strips and rods was chosen as the strengthening material and Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was listed as the sole source for the installation of the system.

Mobile’s crew cut a total of 264’ 0” of 3/4” wide by 3/4” deep slots in the floor and epoxy bonded the rods in the slots. After the rods were installed, the 4” wide strips were installed.

The work was completed on time and within budget.

Project: Structural Strengthening

Owner: Sage Energy Corporation
San Antonio, Texas

System: Sika Corporation Carbodur
Strips and Rods

Area: 168 Linear Feet Strips
264 Linear Feet 3/8” Rods

Completed: January 2005