South Western Bell Communications

NewBasis, Inc. of Katy, Texas manufacturers pre-fabricated controlled-environment concrete vaults for many underground placement uses. Recently, two vaults located in high water table locations were leaking through the walls preventing installation of very sensitive, expensive communications equipment. The floors of the vaults are approximately 22” to 25” below grade and are waterproofed on the exterior before backfilling. In these cases, the exterior waterproofing failed and the vaults were filling up with groundwater intrusion through hairline cracks and /or honeycombs in the walls.

Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was called to get the leaks stopped so equipment could be installed and put into operation. Injection holes were drilled completely through the walls and a hydrophilic urethane gel was injected between the exterior wall and backfill to create a waterproofing membrane to stop the leaks.

The leaks were stopped and the equipment installation proceeded as scheduled.


Project: Seal Leaks in Underground Vaults

Owner: SW Bell Communications

System: DeNeef CombiGrout

Area: Two (2) Vaults

Completed: May 2002