St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital

Project: St Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
Levels 3-4& 5 Expansion

Owner: St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital

Contractor: Linbeck Construction, Inc.

System: General Polymers Epo- FlexHD

Area: 1,200 Square Feet

Completed: May 2006

Mobile Enterprises, Inc. was the successful bidder for the coating of the new mechanical room included in the Expansion / Increased Capacity renovation of Levels 3, 4 & 5 of St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital.

Moisture tests were run using Calcium Chloride test kits. Moisture levels were up to 5 pounds in 24 hours so coating was delayed until areas were closed in and the air conditioning units had run for some time to bring levels down to 3.

The work area was congested with mechanical equipment and piping, plus the fact that the entry door was 3’ above floor level, making it very difficult to get equipment and materials into the room.

Mobile’s crew persevered and the work was completed in less than three days time.