Texas Medical Center

Five (5) days before the new Garage 17 for Texas Medical Center was to open for traffic, severe cracking was noted in one beam on the 8th level.  After review by a structural engineering firm, it was found the beam had been under-designed.

Mobile Enterprises was contacted and working with Master Builder’s Inc., a repair was designed utilizing the “SCB Process” of pressure epoxy injection.  Forty (40) hairline cracks were injected with a structural epoxy adhesive and the beam was strengthened by multiple plies of CF130, a carbon fiber material, and then topcoated with a flame retardant topcoat.

The work was completed and the garage was opened on schedule as planned.

Project: Structural Strengthening Beam

Owner: Texas Medical Center
Houston, Texas

System: Master Builder’s, Inc.
“MBrace” Carbon Fiber & “SCB Process”

Area: Beam Length 60’ 0”

Completed: December, 2000