University Hospital

Project: University Hospital

Sub Level MRI Clinic

Owner: University Health Systems
San Antonio, Texas

System: Master Builders
Mbrace E-Glass EG 900

Area: 430 Sq. Ft.

Completed: February, 2000


When University Hospital added a new MRI unit to the clinic, additional strength was required of the structural members supporting the floor where the new 7,000 pound MRI machine was to be placed.

Master Builders Mbrace System was specified as the system to be installed, and E-glass EG 900 was selected as the proper material.

Mobile Enterprises, Inc.’s crew performed all the work in the sub level basement area. Beams were sandblasted and irregularities smoothed out and or filled with MB putty. A primer was applied and two layers of EG 900 were epoxy bonded to the concrete beams. After the strengthening was completed, the beams were coated with a flame retardant top coat.