University of Texas Medical Branch

The University of Texas Medical Branch was upgrading boiler capacity in the West Utility Plant. It required the strengthening of three existing concrete beams to carry the load of the new boiler system to be installed above, and bearing on, these three beams.

Mobile Enterprises, Inc., working off of 25’ high scaffold, prepared the surface of the beam bottom by hand tools and installed three (3) Sika CarboDur S 1012 4” Carbon Fiber strips on the bottom of each of the three beams to prepare them for the increased loading.

Installation of the boiler required cutting a hole in the second story wall of the plant and pulling in the main boiler to the new location, then cutting a hole in the third story roof to drop the remaining parts of the boiler so all could be coupled together. Mobile completed their portion of the work in two working days.

Project: West Utility Plant Boiler

Owner: University of Texas Medical
Branch, Galveston, Texas

System: Sika CarboDur S 1012

Area: 342 Linear Feet

Completed: November 2006